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How This Blog Came to Be.

Good morning/day/evening/night to you all out there!

I have to confess that this blog is an invention which took a long time to finally manifest itself into the virtual world. But now that it’s here, I’m unbelievably grateful for all the support and positive comments you have provided me with! I was truly afraid of having to face the dark side of the social media with all the hate and trolls spreading only negativity and sorrow around, but with your support I think I can proudly stand up against anything! Thank you to every kind soul out there that has read (and hopefully enjoyed) my writings. You truly mean the world to me! ❤


Today I would like to tell the whole back story of why I wanted to start this blog – and how terribly long it took me to have even the preliminary skills and courage to put myself and this content out there. I never have (and hopefully never will) taken any like, share or comment for granted – especially when all this is still relatively new to me.

I actually once had a pretty childish bet with one of my closest friends. I’m not going to tell you what all that was about, only that the consequences for him would have been to wear a kilt at his working place for one full day. Sadly, I was the one who lost so as my punishment I was to start a blog where I would openly share my thoughts and expressions about the world. That was back in 2013 then. And I founded this blog as late as April 2018.

As you may have already noticed, this blog doesn’t necessarily fall into any given or fixed category. I hope that in the future my dreams will come true and this will truly become a full-time nomadic travel blog – with maybe even weekly vlogs included! But even then I want to keep the content real but very creative as well. I think after spending the majority of my childhood alone in the countryside surrounded by books and films, I’ve developed myself a very culture relativist view on life. Studying two different majors in two different faculties has also helped to learn how to see that there’s always multiple different sides to the story. After all, even science is often highly narrative.


My partner actually wrote a song about this; calling it being a ‘rainbow mind’. Also for me, it often times feels as if my brain would be filled with colourful wires, connected a little bit differently that most other people. Or then I just have gotten used to paying attention to details and combining them in a unique (and rather post-modern, I’d say) way in my head. Ultimately it all flows out as phrases and clauses that follow some sort of crazy – and hopefully entertaining – story.

I would once again want to remind you that I am truly here for you: if you have any questions, comments or requests about my content, I’d be delighted to read them in the comments section. Also, I’d love to see my blog getting new followers from all parts of the world so you guys sharing this and inviting your own normal or nomadic friends to follow me would make me so happy!

Yours truly,


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Going Paleo Vegan?

Yesterday was another hard core moving day. For me, being a free soul means that I have to constantly change the place of my physical dwelling in order to get inspired, nurture my creativity and not feel too trapped by my surroundings.

This is what was left in my fridge in the morning of the move. And it is what I had to have for breakfast: thawed blueberries and almonds with a pinch of leftover coconut sugar. Yummy? Not so much. Filling – hell yeah, couldn’t even finish the almonds. To be fair, I needed the long-lasting energy boost since I was moving from a 5th floor apartment to another 5th floor apartment. No elevators in neither of the buildings, of course…

Spot the accidental roasted bean.

What do you think – should I hence continue being a paleo vegan (and drop the processed sugar)? 😀 What kinds of experiences do you have varying the macros of your diet? Let me know in the comments section below!



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Another creature sitting on my window sill.


Hello to all of you beautiful spirits out there in the world!

Today I want to introduce you to another creature sitting on my window sill. This plant doesn’t have a name and, to be perfectly honest, I don’t even know the species (but if you do, I would highly appreciate you sharing your knowledge in the comments section). Yes, I’m not much of a gardener so this particular plant has quite the will to live, I’d say.

It was gifted to me by a good friend last winter, and I’ve been trying my very best to keep it alive. Until last weeks, the situation looked pretty bad but now, due to the sun light and me remembering to water the plant, it is starting to thrive in a completely new way! I think we all can be very proud of me. I will keep you guys updated of the situation in the weeks to come. And if you suddenly don’t hear about me like, ever again, you know who to blame…



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The Promise.

Came up with a quick poem by watching the sun setting in my favourite tone of colours yesterday evening. I just wanted to add a small disclaimer that the prose that I write is completely fictional so it doesn’t always correlate with my personal life or views in general. It’s just some sort of post-modern poetry and should be enjoyed as such! The characters and events have their own life that should be analysed as such, not in reference with me (even though you get to know the writer a little bit better in the process).






The sky is violet

Full of violence tonight

Promising a good day

For a rain maker like me

Responsible for

Humidity and mist

Of the windy seas.

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Going to Stockholm – AND Tallinn!

Just a small update on the upcoming travelling matters: I finally have a couple of short trips planned out for this May. I previously updated you guys on the boat trip to Stockholm but now I have even something better on the way – a short day-trip to Tallinn, too!

And heck, why should all travel blogs only be about long tours of the jungles of East Asia or road tripping through the States? To be honest, at the moment (with this budget at least) I will keep my focus on the small trips and daily activities: prepping for future #vanlife (or alternatively, a zombie apocalypse) or just random fun stuff I encounter in my everyday life in Helsinki.

First day of proper warm sunshine in Helsinki this spring!

(Shameless self-promotion: IF you like to support me, I do have a Patreon account by the name Miah Rainbowmind. Link here: https://www.patreon.com/miahrainbowmind)

Anyway, I would hereby like to announce that I am travelling to two of the capital cities of the neighbouring countries of Finland: Stockholm and Tallinn. Do you have any suggestions, ideas or requests what I should document for you, guys? I have planned to go to the old city and search for delicious vegan food and cute vintage shops but that’s about it so far. Also, I am definitely taking my better camera with me so there will be loads of good quality pictures coming up, I swear. About time I got back into training my photography…