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Introduction to – today!

Hello to all of you beautiful rainbow souls out there!

Welcome to my blog where I write about art, culture, my travels (future and present), share tips and tricks plus include you all to my daily life where strange things usually seem to take place pretty easily. Either I just ‘have one of those faces’ or things just escalate pretty hastily around me – to this day I’m not sure but at least life never gets easy or boring!

My companion sent me this yesterday. Coincidence – I think not!

Today was probably one of the most exciting lectures I have ever been so far in my academic study path. Our wonderful teacher agreed on the idea of organizing a YouTube party as a part of our social media studies course! With all kinds of snacks we sat down to view how Shane Dawson almost got his old underpants sold with 100 000 dollars on eBay. Check out the video below if you’re up for some serious entertainment… (That was my pick, anyway. I don’t know why I am publicly confessing that.) Anyway, you probably already got the general idea why I am really into Cultural Studies. Cause you just never know what you’re gonna get!

I don’t know was it just because of the much-needed sunshine or was I just high on the adrenaline of getting to do my absolute favourite introverted thing (watching YouTube videos) on an actual University lecture but on my way home I did some thoughtful shopping. I found a book about Russian female cultural influencers that I had glanced over for approximately two years before finally coming up with this reduced-price copy! (It’s totally going to the ‘reading-this-when-I-have-the-van-and-loads-of-free-time’ pile together with the animal rights movement classics. Just don’t mention that to my fellow activists.)

Living for the rainbow colours of the pencils and my skirt. (The black spot is my dog.)

After that I also tested out and purchased a bunch of new coloured pencils from the arts supply coffee shop/store they have near my temporary home close to the Arts University. I admit not being much of a visual artist but at least doing those relaxing colouring books meant for Stressed Adults have got me hooked good time. (I also have a couple of ideas of designing a badge though those drafts are very much in a preliminary level. I promise to reveal more info when the time is right.)

Totally addicted.

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