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Introducing Nessa.

For a change, a little bit shorter blog post today!

May I present you with the lucky charm/mascot protector of my future van – the Rainbow Elephant! You may already think I am completely crazy but… I already named her Nessa.

My tiny little wooden friend.

I happened to found her after a regular visit to the convenience store last winter. A kind-looking lady was selling her old stuff underneath the bridge that the local train uses. I think I fell in love with my tiny Elephant friend pretty much the moment I saw her. Nowadays, Nessa sits on top of my window sill – enjoying the sun shine and reminding me of my vandreams. She succeeds in bringing a smile onto my face every time I set my eyes on her. I think that’s the way it should be between travellers and mascots, anyway! Luckily I have found mine.



Miah (and Nessa)


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