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Gorky Park Experience (at Night!)

The first time I visited the famous Gorky Park, named after the iconic writer, political activist and founder of the socialist realist style Maxim Gorky, was in a late August night 2015. (The park itself was built in the 1920’s.)

Funnily enough, it happened just like in the song ‘Wind of Change’ by the German hard rock band Scorpions. Recorded in 1990 and released the following year, the song still reminds us of the initial hope for the uniting humanity after the collapse of Soviet Union – often represented as the ultimate villain and antagonist for the westernised values; such as the freedom of speech.

When you follow the Moskva river, you may indeed end up in the pristine Gorky Park. All of these pictures I am about to publish here were taken in a night time unfortunately (or luckily, depending on your perspective).


I think Russian metro is known for its long escalator systems (at least in comparison with the Helsinki one)!

There were a couple of other people going to watch the light show as well (which we didn’t know that time).

The closest metro station to Gorky Park is Park Kultury on the Circle line marked with the brown colour.


The illuminated entrance gate we used that night. Quite spectacular, isn’t it!?


Even the bridge was decorated with lights for the show and celebration.


The buildings on the other side of the river were the ‘canvas’ used to project the different pieces of art into.


This was probably the closest we could get! Even so, I must have taken the picture standing on the tip of my toes…

Please let me know if you preferred a more visual type of post instead of a greater mass of text. As always, I would love to hear your comments and suggestions!



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