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Going to Stockholm!

I have to admit that since the beginning of this blog (and my ‘career’ on social media), all the experiences and pictures have been representations of my past adventures. But this is about to change soon because I am going on a small boat trip to our neighbouring city Stockholm in May!

Since it’s late April now, I went through my archives and found some throwback sneak peaks for you, guys! Here’s a couple of pics from my first actual trip to Stockholm back in 2012…

Tukholma 023

You can get from Helsinki (or Turku which is another coastal city even closer to Sweden) to Stockholm quite conveniently by boat. It’s also a very popular and comfortable mean of transportation especially in the summer when the sun hits the deck of the boat…

Tukholma 026

Another view from one of the bridges of the city. I believe these pictures were taken in February or May so we got very lucky with the sunny weather back then. No complaints whatsoever (especially since these pics were taken with my old phone…)!

Tukholma 027

Actually the architecture in these pics really remind me of my current home city! Maybe I should prove this to you one day by making a post about the old parts of Helsinki? Well, historically speaking we were also a part of the Swedish kingdom before the 19th century so that might at least partially explain something?

The picture below was taken from our small flaneur to the old part of the city, nowadays filled with small cafes and shops selling comic books, post cards, jewellery and clothes – vintage as well as new ones! And I absolutely adore it.

Tukholma 025
Very important NOT to drive to this direction.

I remember me and my friend were really into history so we decided to pay a visit to the Medieval Museum (Medeltidsmuseet in Swedish) located under a bridge. The museum has a special perspective on the lives of the ‘ordinary’ people and actually makes you feel as if you had time travelled to visit that era…

Tukholma 029

The front entrance of the museum. I would definitely recommend you visiting!

Here’s a link to the official web page in English:

And another ‘official’ one with more visual content:–do/attractions/the-medieval-museum/

Obviously, more up-to-date content coming up on my next visit to the capital of Sweden! Please let me know in the comments section if there’s anything you liked me to try out contents wise. My preliminary plan is to visit the old town and then head to the bohemian part of Södermalm – and test out at least a couple of vegan cafes on the way there! All travel tips and tricks are welcome, as always!



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