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Vegan in Moscow (2015)

To be perfectly honest, this post should be viewed as a storytime type of description of the situation in Moscow back in 2015. But let it work as a possible baseline for comparing if I get the chance to visit my favourite city again this year. In the meanwhile, let’s enjoy the pics and good memories, shall we?


The first vegan place I ever dined in Russia, was the Fresh cafe.

Healthy was the new sexy in 2015.

You could also see the whole menu written onto the chalk board wall. The whole atmosphere of the place was definitely very young, hip and… fresh?


My friend got the portion below: a salad with tofu and sweet potato.


And my other friend got a yummy burger with onion rings!


Whereas I already ate half of my burrito before even remembering to document my portion. But I remember it definitely was good!


The other place that really made an impression, was the Djagannat diner which functions with the same logic as the other Russian stalovayas. You line up, tell/point the person measuring the portions behind the counter what you want and pay at the cashier.

This place is not completely vegan, but has a superb coding system: orange labels for lacto-ovo-vegetarian dishes and green labels for vegan ones. If you’re still confused, you may of course still ask the employees who are usually happy to help you.

After this we helped ourselves with huge pieces of raw vegan cake!

After choosing and paying for your meal, it’s time to sit down and enjoy your food! The dishes were mostly Indian-influenced (as the name and origins of the place may already suggest).

I think both of us got a cold salad of some sort; I also had a vegan bean patty and some chickpea curry with white rice. Definitely worth trying if you ever end up in Moscow!