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Going to Stockholm – AND Tallinn!

Just a small update on the upcoming travelling matters: I finally have a couple of short trips planned out for this May. I previously updated you guys on the boat trip to Stockholm but now I have even something better on the way – a short day-trip to Tallinn, too!

And heck, why should all travel blogs only be about long tours of the jungles of East Asia or road tripping through the States? To be honest, at the moment (with this budget at least) I will keep my focus on the small trips and daily activities: prepping for future #vanlife (or alternatively, a zombie apocalypse) or just random fun stuff I encounter in my everyday life in Helsinki.

First day of proper warm sunshine in Helsinki this spring!

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Anyway, I would hereby like to announce that I am travelling to two of the capital cities of the neighbouring countries of Finland: Stockholm and Tallinn. Do you have any suggestions, ideas or requests what I should document for you, guys? I have planned to go to the old city and search for delicious vegan food and cute vintage shops but that’s about it so far. Also, I am definitely taking my better camera with me so there will be loads of good quality pictures coming up, I swear. About time I got back into training my photography…