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Going Paleo Vegan?

Yesterday was another hard core moving day. For me, being a free soul means that I have to constantly change the place of my physical dwelling in order to get inspired, nurture my creativity and not feel too trapped by my surroundings.

This is what was left in my fridge in the morning of the move. And it is what I had to have for breakfast: thawed blueberries and almonds with a pinch of leftover coconut sugar. Yummy? Not so much. Filling – hell yeah, couldn’t even finish the almonds. To be fair, I needed the long-lasting energy boost since I was moving from a 5th floor apartment to another 5th floor apartment. No elevators in neither of the buildings, of course…

Spot the accidental roasted bean.

What do you think – should I hence continue being a paleo vegan (and drop the processed sugar)? 😀 What kinds of experiences do you have varying the macros of your diet? Let me know in the comments section below!