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The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here?

Check out my latest discovery in the music world. I’ve been a major fan of the grunge band Alice In Chains since the 8th grade when I saw a music document about the band’s early years in the 90’s. However I had rarely gotten familiar with the band’s latest production – not until now when the 2013 album ‘The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here’. As a fan of somewhat surrealist titles there was no way I would have passed such a captivating phrase! And what I found, was pretty much gold for a critic like me.

I am wise and you don’t know
A cloud is my home
Only some get in
Got imaginary friend
The devil put dinosaurs here
Jesus don’t like a queer
The devil put dinosaurs here
No problem with faith just fear

I personally don’t have problems with any known religion – as long as they are based on love, understanding, tolerance and free will. In other words, it’s not Christianity itself but some of the ways especially the patriarchy has been interpreting and guiding it since the early years of its formation. In my opinion, every text should be read and interpreted in its temporal context. What you decide to take from the meaning with you, is always a personal choice where your own personal background affects. Of course, people like my grandfather, who sadly have been told since their early childhood that for example being homosexual is a sin, hardly won’t drop their beliefs even if the surrounding culture has changed into a more tolerant direction. And I get that even though I cannot fully accept it.