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My Lucky Ticket to Greece.


I am so grateful and excited to be announcing that I will be travelling to the island of Kos, in no less than a month! In early July my plane will be taking off for a whole weeks vacation (which I will use wisely by practising photography and travel journalism, of course). It’ll be my first time in Greece and the Mediterranean area – so I am expecting loads of heat, delicious ripe fruit and veggies plus some good wine…


Exceptionally these pics here aren’t taken by me – but my special friend who was kind enough to support a poor student-activist by sending a lucky plane ticket and allowing her to stay in the house for a week!


If you have any tips or advice for a pale Northern European visiting Greece for the first time in the hottest time of the year, I would be more than grateful of taking your thoughts and comments into account…

Lately I’ve been keeping my eyes open when thrifting to make sure I have enough Greece-friendly clothing (meaning cool, breathing and covering) for my upcoming adventure. One thing I am still missing is a huge hat like in the pic above – but apparently I will be able to buy one after arriving…



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