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Kos S.O.S.

Hello to every beautiful rainbow soul out there!

When this post becomes public, I have already dived deep into the heat of summer in Greece.


Knowing that this might sound like ‘first world problems’ but I still just have to post this picture of my first desperate attempt in packing a weeks forth of skimpy (but fitting) clothes for the trip! I’m no definite expert on this, but I’d still advise you to start packing early. That way you can keep adding and removing things based on your instincts, speculations and the changes in the weather forecast. (Unless you’re planning an ex tempore experience, of course. In that case, just throw everything into the luggage and GO!)

And talking about the weather. Oh shit – take a look at this forecast my friend sent me!

Carve this into my tomb stone.

Okay, I’m not going to complain about the free tickets I was gifted to a place some people would call ‘paradise’. I’m only going to make a small note here that for a Northern girl like me… Anything over +25 degrees celcius sounds like a bad, bad idea. Also, this ain’t a blog about my looks but in case you are interested, I am naturally pale AF. So I don’t know what kind of safety measures I will have to take into account without burning my butt off during that week.

This is where I’m going!

Based on this map of the island, I would be interested in all of the archaeological and historical sites in Kos. I’m just afraid I have to get the biggest umbrella to protect myself against the evil sun rays.

If you have any tips or suggestions of what to do, where to go plus more – now is the time to get those tips out here! I will be reading my comments though unfortunately the pics and stories will be published at least a couple of days after my return in Helsinki.



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