Staying in Tigaki.


When I randomly picked my accommodation in Kos, I have to admit submitting to the cheapest option available. That being said, all the previous guests had praised that Tigaki has ‘the best beach in Kos’.


After trying various beaches in Kos, I have to agree on that one.


The beach was free for the hostel guests and the service run smoothly to the deck chairs as well. The sand was soft and clean; the shore was shallow and not rocky at all, unlike most of the other beaches in Kos. On the other hand the kinds of beaches pictured below had the smoothest and most beautiful small rocks you could ever imagine having in your hippie collection!


The only downside was the tough winds that towards the end of my¬† holiday made actual swimming in the sea quite impossible. On the other side, if you enjoy water sports such as (wind) surfing or waterskiing, the waves are definitely suitable for it. Also, at least the Plori beach had an equipment renting service for people who didn’t have the necessary supplies with them.


Moving on to introduce you to the main (touristic) street of Tigaki, pictured above. The street may be small, but it is filled with mini markets, touristic shops as well as more unique boutiques selling hand-made jewellery and olive products.


Above you can see some of the decorations of a popular breakfast or brunch places that had various crepes, club sandwiches, smoothies, ice creams and waffles in its menu.


The first place I went to (and immediately made a kitty cat friend for life!) was this place with a rather obvious name. The food was fresh and nicely priced, I have to say.


Above I have the view from the balcony of the hostel I was staying at. They had a pretty noisy (for an introverted soul like me) fountain show that ran every night around 8 pm to 11 pm. Unfortunately I was too broke to try the treatments offered by the Turkish Hamam – the one and only in Kos – but maybe next time I’ll take a nice mud bath or a massage.


In the evening, after dinner and just before going to bed, I used to enjoy the last bits of cool windy night air; sitting on a bench looking at the sun setting behind the horizon. The Tigaki beach was occupied mostly by stray cats enjoying their beach after all the people had left to spend the night elsewhere.