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Strays of Kos.


One of the things I was prepared to face in Kos was the countless stray cats not only sharing the space with tourists but also living, and at least in some cases, thriving there.


Say hello to one of the many cats I came across on my trip to Kos. This pal was chilling just outside the mini market nearest to my accommodation.


This was one of the dogs that lived in Tigaki, enjoying the company of tourists in the pic above.


The owner of the cafe in Kefalos (below) told me that her name is ‘Beauty’.


Tourists pondering on what to order while the kitties are chilling in the shadows. Many of the cafes and restaurants tend to feed the stray animals which I happily witnessed in many occasions. In addition to that, many of the mini markets sell cat food and treats for tourists to give to the animals.

The kind lady agreed posing this picture for my blog!

Luckily there are people who are actively trying to raise money and awareness of the stray animal situation in the island. Animal Rescue Kos, based in the village of Antimachia, is providing the animals vaccinations, de-worming treatments, micro ships, shelter, adoptions and sterilization – which is important in preventing the stray animal population (and suffering) from growing.


There was also small donation boxes all over the tourist attractions. The one (quite poorly photographed) in the picture above was right next to the Tree of Hippocrates. To which organization the funds go and how are they used, I don’t know yet.


Other animals that I encountered were all kinds of lizards which probably were feeding on the bugs. Expert speaking here once again.



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