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A Day in the Childhood.

After a whopping amount of posts about visiting Greece, I decided to publish something different – show you what a typical summer in Finland looks like!

Stereotypical Finnish river/lakeside view.

So, this is what happened even in reality: after returning to steaming hot Helsinki, I got a phone call from my mother who was washing the carpets with my grandmother in a river close to my childhood home (where the rest of my family still lives).


Even though I had just returned, they kindly offered to come and pick me and my dog up for some cooler days in the countryside. I had no problems with that!

So after a couple afters they finally arrived; wearing bikini and hair still wet from the river water!

White foxglove was one of the first species I learned to know.

This highly artistic piece of photography is supposed to represent the spontaneous and lively nature of the ideas I’m willing to join on my good days (the ones where I haven’t locked in to study or edit this blog).


I remember being utterly confused as a child when my grandmother first told me we have opium poppies (Papaver somniferum) growing in our yard!


This interesting cone is called ‘k├Ąpy‘ in Finnish; the word can also be used as an adjective in describing someone old and boring. Looking at it still makes me a bit upset because my dad made me pick up all of them before he mow the lawn. To be fair, he paid me 5 euros per bucket which made me stock them up behind the garage. What a young ingenious I was with my bank of half-rotten cones that I was able to trade for cash…


This maple tree above was planted by my uncle and grandmother in the same year I was born; a tradition that held for my cousin as well when she was born a few years later.