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Ghetto Golf Liverpool.


While I’m out in Liverpool making some new memories, I decided to give you guys a glimpse of one of the places I got to know on my last visit here.

Fairy lights, magic mushroom paintings…

The place is officially called ‘Ghetto Golf’ and it’s simply a chilled-out place where you can have some drinks and burgers – and play ‘crazy (mini)golf’ with friends!


I want to clarify regretting nothing by posting this. I think the interiors are frickin awesome!


You just gotta love Ghetto Golf’s clever little third-wave feminist hipster slogans painted in the weirdest (or the most familiar?) places.

Had to add my favourite Hole song since ‘Violet’ has been stuck in my head while making this post.


Personally, as a person suffering from IBS, I absolutely adore the toilet humour as decorative element!


Choose which monkey to associate yourself after your hit-or-miss.


A place with a painted camper van inside can’t be that bad. Gotta appreciate those fellow van-golfers!



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