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The Old Hardware Shop.


Today I happened to flaneur around the village of Woolton in Liverpool.


After visiting a couple of charity shops, I decided that it’s about time to visit one of my favourite cafes in UK.


The Old Hardware Shop has served a vegetarian menu since 2014 – and lately gone completely vegan!

Notice the cockerel shakers.

The place is painted dark blue with cute animal-themed decorative items on the tables and on the walls. Also, each table has different kind of salt and pepper shakers.

Unicorn and rainbow shakers.

The Old Hardware Shop isn’t just a place for the cool kids to hang around after high school; each time I’ve visited the place, it has been full of happy customers from all ages and walks of life. I personally find particularly cute that many seniors seem to have found the cosy and affordable cafe as well as the younger veggie enthusiasts.

Little doggie shakers here.

As a somewhat fish-fanatic I had to try the faux tuna toastie with melted vegan cheese inside. Since we arrived about an hour before the closing time, they unfortunately had run out of coleslaw (millennial tragedy right there…) but I got a serving of crisps instead. How very British indeed!


My friend had a chilli hot dog with vegan mayo and kidney beans. The waiter was kind enough to ask if everything was alright and if we wanted to have a glass of water with it. Luckily it wasn’t too hot, even for me!


Finished the meal with two (soy-based) milkshakes – banana on the left and chocolate peanut butter one on the right.


I know what you must be thinking – ew, it’s all vegan…




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