architecture, second hand, vintage

Gasp – Vintage!


Next in the ‘Lark Lane series’ is a vintage (or even more like antique) shop called Gasp Vintage.


Even though I personally am more of a clothing freak, I’ve always found it pleasant to come and check out what kind of cool stuff Gasp has this time.


The shop is basically almost like an old warehouse full of unique finds ranging from old plane or theatre seats to small porcelain cups.


What I love about the place is its colourfulness and variety of even strange objects sometimes!



Design for the tea-lovers!


I have really wanted to get some of those reproduction retro posters but so far I’ve just been too worried that they’d get all wrinkly in my backpack. Well, maybe next time! Tell me in the comments section which is your favourite – and maybe I’ll even send it to you…



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