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What I Love about England.


Verdant evergreen plant growing wild (or half wild) literally everywhere.


Old darkened gates and porches – more often than not leading to private yards of the lucky upper-class people.


Funny street signs. Do you think that me laughing at this could even be categorized as the ‘famous British humour’?


Amazing old churches everywhere. So romantic, almost Gothic vibes that make you want to read ghost stories under the blanket with a warm cup of tea…


Another, really similar-looking church to the one above.


British song-making tactics and vibrant lyrics. Referring to a quite well-known case of Eleanor Rigby with the actual place which the song got its name pictured above.

Especially in Liverpool these places just exist all around. Am I the only millennial fangirl gasping when realizing that I’m actually walking on that Penny Lane!


The plant above, Lamprocapnos spectabilis, is called ‘broken heart’ (särkynytsydän) in Finnish. It’s probably one of the first cultured ones that I learned to know when I first became interested in botany as a child. I can still quite vividly remember looking up the plant from a huge gardening edition while visiting the local library as a 6-year-old or something.


Old railroads and stations almost straight out of Harry Potter! (Yes, you get all the clichés here…)




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