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Day-Tripping to Porvoo.

Okay, today we have another post in the ‘Porvoo’ saga. If you’ve been reading my blog for a long time, you probably know that I’m kinda pathetically obsessed with this small town near Helsinki. I should probably have a category of its own dedicated to Porvoo here in my blog…


Anyway, this post is meant for those who are interested in taking a day-trip to Porvoo from Helsinki. I definitely recommend doing that since it’s quick, easy and pretty cheap (even in the Finnish scale) way of exploring Finland a bit further from the capital city.


The first two pictures are from the Kamppi bus terminal for long-distance trips. You can get there by walking from Helsinki Railway Station or taking the metro and exiting in ‘Kamppi/Kampen’. It’s also worth mentioning that they have another terminal for the short-distance buses so make sure you’re going into the terminal that’s located one floor down the first floor (escalators on the opposite side of the metro ones). If you’re not sure, just follow the signs or ask people.


For this trip I took OnniBus for six euros all together (so three euros per trip) but the prices can really vary according to the date and the time of the day. You can check the timetables through here!


The ride takes about an hour and you will end up in the local bus terminal which is in the centre of the town and only a short walk away from the famous Porvoo Old Town.


If turn left, you will end up in the cute little harbour. The Old Town is located on the right side with the gorgeous old Cathedral that is definitely worth visiting!


Above is one of the street views that opens up when you enter the Old Town! More adventures coming up tomorrow when I’m diving deep into the specifics…



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Kefalos and the Mountains of Kos.


Probably the best (and physically hardest) day of my holiday was when we rented a quad and drove across and up the mountains of Kos.

In the left upper corner you can see our vehicle for the day.

Okay, this post may be filled with stereotypical panorama shots showing the landscape and view from a bit higher above, but the pic below gives (another) honest representation of the terrain. Very hot and dry, sand blowing everywhere. Still really beautiful and exotic for a person from the North!


The next pics were actually taken from a smaller town called Kefalos where we stopped to have some cool (non-alcoholic) drinks and a light lunch.


Notice the small cactuses planted to line the edge of the cliff. On the background you can see the winding road that we came from.


A part of the town of Kefalos; on the right side the small taverna where we had lunch.


Another reminder for this pro why pics usually tend to look better when the sun is behind you. I promise, I’m going to get this some day!

Luckily my friend promised to give me some photography lessons in Liverpool next month – so stay tuned for the announcement of my upcoming trip which hopefully will result in at least some upgrades in my photography skills…


I have to admit being a little bit scared when we were driving down that road when returning back to Tigaki at the end of the day… I may not be an expert, but I’d argue that quads are probably very handy and safe when driving upwards in steep hills.

Unfortunately, for making steep turns while driving downwards of a steep hill and trying to give way to the coming traffic… I think that a scooter would’ve been a little bit more a safer option.


This is pretty much where our small (and hot!) road trip ended: a beautiful beach that has a name that I’m unfortunately not able to recall. After this point we headed back to Tigaki while enjoying the last bits of the windy but refreshing quad ride!