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Ancient Agora of Kos.


This is mostly picture-oriented photo post of the Ancient Agora (meaning forum) located in the centre of the Kos town.


My best guess is that the pic above might represent one of the three main gates to the Agora.


General view of what the archaeological site looks like nowadays.



Above the general map of the Agora site and below a more in-depth official description of the historical background.



Just take a look at the detailing that can still be admired in the (post-)modern days!


As far as I’ve understood, the area has been frequently rebuild with different kind of materials after earthquakes that have struck the island repeatedly. Consequently the scholars can analyse from the differences in the building materials the time period of the layers.


What has been left is a rich and multi-layered excavation site for archaeologists and scholars of all kind.


Apparently the first ones to dig up the site was Italian Archaeological School after the massive 1933 earthquake. So basically the destruction made the excavations possible, and the Agora was kept as a monument during the reconstruction of the other parts of the town.



Ending this post with a classic type of photo framing for this blog! Hope you haven’t already gotten bored of it…