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Obey Your Chihuahua.

Made of bricks.

Broken windows in brick buildings, horses painted with graffiti…


…you guessed right – I’m back with another post about the alternative venue called ‘Cultural Stables’ (Kulttuuritallit in Finnish)!


A little peek to the stage and dancing/hanging out area.


On the bottom left an old poster of photo exhibition the local animal rights group had for their 10th anniversary a couple of years ago. Also some big bulb fairy lights and re-used decorative stuff.


A close-up to the counter of the vegan cafe we had during the events. Free food for the musicians and affordable prices for everyone else!


Can anyone translate the letters beneath the panda drawing?


This swing is kinda pushing the structures to their limits when in use but no one really cares. I guess, you only live once?


Smash fascism is kinda self-explanatory. Or if not, you should probably piss off from this blog to be honest.


DIY work in progress.


Symbol called ‘kirkkovene’ painted right next to a very on-point command. The word can refer to the kind of rowing boat used in rowing competitions – or a ‘vulgar’ drawing of vulva. I personally think (from a third-wave feminist perspective) that it can be used to reclaim the meaning of pussy from being a taboo to empower femininity.


Lovely autumn/fall colour scheme!


The running red chilli painting above reminds me of the art made for the film ‘Across the Universe with the red juicy strawberry.


Gotta love the vibes!


With ghostly face painted onto the cement wall I shall end this post!



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Ghetto Golf Liverpool.


While I’m out in Liverpool making some new memories, I decided to give you guys a glimpse of one of the places I got to know on my last visit here.

Fairy lights, magic mushroom paintings…

The place is officially called ‘Ghetto Golf’ and it’s simply a chilled-out place where you can have some drinks and burgers – and play ‘crazy (mini)golf’ with friends!


I want to clarify regretting nothing by posting this. I think the interiors are frickin awesome!


You just gotta love Ghetto Golf’s clever little third-wave feminist hipster slogans painted in the weirdest (or the most familiar?) places.

Had to add my favourite Hole song since ‘Violet’ has been stuck in my head while making this post.


Personally, as a person suffering from IBS, I absolutely adore the toilet humour as decorative element!


Choose which monkey to associate yourself after your hit-or-miss.


A place with a painted camper van inside can’t be that bad. Gotta appreciate those fellow van-golfers!



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From Army Horses to Alternative Culture.


Cold, dark, moist and slightly mouldy – yep, that’s pretty much what the alternative venue called ‘Cultural Stables’ (Kulttuuritallit in Finnish) is all about.

‘Play chess’, the sign says.

I’m not even going to tell you how many layers of clothing I have on when volunteering in the vegan cafe corner. It is still cold – but absolutely worth every minute!


The venue is located in a place where there used to be a lot of army barracks. This particular building was actually the stable for the horses in the 19th century. Even though the building hasn’t been used for this purpose for generations, the original function of the place is still transgressed in the meaning of the name Cultural Stables’ itself.


Apparently a little bit over 10 years ago, local house squatters occupied the place. Surprisingly enough, the local government was willing to rent the place for free in order to be used to promote cultural activities. And that was when the association was formed.

A painting on the door of a fridge; made using a black marker only.

Nowadays, ‘Cultural Stables’ is used as a venue for small bands, festivals and flea market days.


The place has a very distinctive look; being filled with old sofas, salvaged bicycles-to-be-fixed and decorated with multiple graffiti made by various artists (and wannabes).


More fridge art. This one is my favourite since it has a resemblance to my dearest dog, Lucy!


Funnily enough, in Finnish this says ‘shut up!’ BUT the word ‘turpa’ can also mean the mouth or muzzle of a horse. Pun intended – I honestly don’t know!

Our friend the Giraffe.

One of my artistically very talented friends had made this piece of art. Last summer she arrived carrying the giraffe; apparently it had been lost for a while but then found from the dark corners again. We happily gave it a place to stay from the small kitchen corner!

Hi it’s me.

Personally, I am more than grateful to have been able to find this place and become even a somewhat of a member when volunteering at the vegan ‘cafe’.


I wish there would be more active people interested in building different forms of communities by helping each other and becoming interested in each other’s situations. We are all so different – but often also in the position of giving (and receiving) something to another in need.