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Obey Your Chihuahua.

Made of bricks.

Broken windows in brick buildings, horses painted with graffiti…


…you guessed right – I’m back with another post about the alternative venue called ‘Cultural Stables’ (Kulttuuritallit in Finnish)!


A little peek to the stage and dancing/hanging out area.


On the bottom left an old poster of photo exhibition the local animal rights group had for their 10th anniversary a couple of years ago. Also some big bulb fairy lights and re-used decorative stuff.


A close-up to the counter of the vegan cafe we had during the events. Free food for the musicians and affordable prices for everyone else!


Can anyone translate the letters beneath the panda drawing?


This swing is kinda pushing the structures to their limits when in use but no one really cares. I guess, you only live once?


Smash fascism is kinda self-explanatory. Or if not, you should probably piss off from this blog to be honest.


DIY work in progress.


Symbol called ‘kirkkovene’ painted right next to a very on-point command. The word can refer to the kind of rowing boat used in rowing competitions – or a ‘vulgar’ drawing of vulva. I personally think (from a third-wave feminist perspective) that it can be used to reclaim the meaning of pussy from being a taboo to empower femininity.


Lovely autumn/fall colour scheme!


The running red chilli painting above reminds me of the art made for the film ‘Across the Universe with the red juicy strawberry.


Gotta love the vibes!


With ghostly face painted onto the cement wall I shall end this post!



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Shopping in Kos.


Unsurprisingly, but nevertheless quite charmingly, the whole island of Kos was filled with products made from olive tree and its fruits; soaps, flavoured oils, cups, cutlery, honey dippers, candle holders etc.


The first shop that caught my eye in Tigaki was The Olive Market that offers a wide selection of ‘traditional and natural products’ made in Greece. The beautiful and authentic feeling with the friendly service kept me coming back to this shop until the very last day! The family who runs this shop is clearly not in the business just for the money: the additional gifts and off-the-counter toasts indicate that they are providing customer service in its truest, whole-hearted meaning. I would highly recommend this place – even if you only have one day to visit Tigaki.


Many of the small touristic shops as well as the mini markets had their fair share of the more generic souvenirs; such as the phallic-shaped bottle openers and key rings.

And before anyone asks, yes, I also got a couple of those. What can I say, I have a lot of gay friends in Finland…


Tigaki had also some smaller boutiques with the kind of witchy hippie vibe that I personally am really into. All kinds of small jewellery and wind chimes were really popular products in this shop!


The main touristic beach boulevard in the centre of Kos town was filled with vendors offering a wide selection of bohemian beach-appropriate jewellery.


You could also easily get a realistic or caricature portrait of yourself, your dog or a family member drawn from a picture or live model.


One of the most inspiring and unique shops I stumbled upon was The Imaginarium. I have to admit first going in to pet the cute dog that accompanied the artist, Ioannis Kamateros, but soon realized how amazing all the arts and crafts there were. I must have looked like another tourist nutter who just randomly bumped in to say hello to his dog!

You can easily find the place located in the alley behind the Tree of Hippocrates which is in the Platía Platanou (‘Square of the Platane’). The place is pretty easily recognizable by the beautiful snail sculpture on the outside wall. And if you get thirsty in the heat of Greece, there is a small restaurant located right next to The Imaginarium.




The Foreteller.


He looked down and deep

In the green van of future deeds

Saw many generations lining up

But only a few jobs to come

There were the type of people

Whose job was to wire

Connect all kinds of cables

All day long

Till the times were gone

Then there were the type of people

Whose job was to press a button

All days long

Till they no longer existed

And all of their days were gone

Then there were the types of people

Special ones

Who could never be satisfied

Craved for the salty-savoury

Every day more and more

Till they figured out

How their days could not be made gone

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All the Solitary Men Stuck in My Head.

You know the time when you suddenly remember a good song or find a new one which you quickly become absolutely obsessed over? Eventually you end up banging your head in the desperate hopes of getting rid of the melody that has been haunting you night and day – in the worst case for weeks on end. ‘Solitary Man’ has been my latest musical torture, and it all started just over a week ago. Now I am going to pass the pain forward by introducing possibly the three best-known versions recorded of the song.

And as a Finn and a die-hard fan of HIM, I am going to start with this version. Now, judge me or not but I actually thought ‘Solitary Man’ was their original song until a couple of years back… Whoops, my bad! Anyway, this version was published in 2004 in the compilation album ‘And Love Said No: The Greatest Hits 1997–2004′. The music video was directed by Bam Margera, American professional skateboarder and friend of the lead singer of HIM, Ville Valo.

Apparently, as I quickly learned, the original version is written by the singer and song-writer Neil Diamond, published back in 1966. In my opinion, the lyrics resonate the shy-but-artistic kinda vibe of a passionate but relatively conservative romanticist in the beginning of a rebellious post-modern era when planning a life with one and only partner can be considered going against the rebellion amongst the youth?

For me, the representation of shallow love as a ‘paper ring’ is the most ingenious verse of the whole song. An engagement and/or wedding ring considered as the circular never-ending symbol of love and commitment thus becomes intentionally downplayed by the fact that paper as a material is very fragile and thin. If you give someone a paper ring as a promise of a future together, even the symbolic object will most likely will rip apart before you know it. Traditionally (for example in Finland and in the United States) people who are celebrating their first anniversary is said to have ‘paper wedding’ which, in the contemporary context, could be linked to the fact that half of the marriages last less than one year.

I’ve had it to here
Bein’ where love’s a small word
Part-time thing, paper ring
I know it’s been done
Havin’ one girl who’ll love me
Right or wrong, weak or strong

Don’t know that I will
But until I can find me
The girl who’ll stay
And won’t play games behind me
I’ll be what I am
A solitary man, solitary man

On the other hand, the song with its meaning is still as relevant in 2018 than it was 50 years ago. As long as there is people that believe in one true life-lasting love, I guess? I’m just speculating that it must take a lot of devotion and tons of hard work to maintain and grow your love for another person. At least if there are no forms of violence involved, it must pay off at the end of the day.

Actually, from all these versions the one that pleased me the most was performed by Chris Isaak – the king of the 90’s rockabilly falsetto. Of course I had heard of him and some of his songs before but his just happened the time his music really hit me close home.

And now I am listening to the album ‘San Francisco Nights’ on Spotify all day long, to the point where it has begun to affect my style of clothing as well. I have to admit buying lately a lot of clothing items that match my preferred version of rockabilly-style summer clothing from Finnish online auctions… Let me know if you’d be interest for me to do a haul of what I got!

Interestingly, the original Chris Isaak song ‘Wicked Game’ was the cover hit that first brought HIM into the pop/rock charts. Hence, the circle is completed… Coincidence – I think not! Please let me know what’s the one song that has been stuck in a loop in your head (and how you got rid of it)?




Bella Forgot Her Suitcase.


Bella forgot her suitcase

In a multicultural staircase

It was a very high-functional stairway

Full of pneumonia

Sickness of the trapped free souls


Had to use the library restroom on the way

Thoroughly washed her face

After deciding to abandon everything

She sang on the way


Indeed – she wanted to go and see

The cactus land from her dreams


Running to the travelling port of air

Somebody had spilled dried cranberries

All over the floor, and her hair


Resemblance came in mind

Of the red cochineal corpse

Laying dead on the ground

After just a quick flight

On the other side of the night side