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Old School Toys in Porvoo.


Today I’m about to introduce you to one of the gems in Porvoo Old Town: toy shop Riimikko (in the Finnish language the word ‘riimi‘ means rhyme and that’s what I interpret the title to resonate).


The shop is located in Välikatu, near my favourite cafe Helmi and the well-known Brunberg factory shop.


Even though the prices are kinda high (understandable for an artisan shop), it’s always completely free to step in and wonder…


Toy shop ‘Riimikko’ has several smaller rooms (as many of the old buildings do) filled with treasured details that surely will fascinate children of all ages. Including me.


I just wish I could live here and get to use the stairs into the mysterious-looking rustic balcony! I also absolutely love the retro posters.


The simple-looking old door will lead you to a nostalgic trip back to your childhood – or provide an adventure for the younger generations.




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Marmalade Skies.


I happened to be wondering down Allerton Road (quite near to the famous Penny Lane actually) on a rainy Sunday when I spotted this promising-looking cute little cafe. Unfortunately it had already closed – so I decided to head back the next day when Marmalade Skies was opened again!


And oh boy – the independently owned cafe didn’t disappoint us!


Marmalade Skies offered a nice selection of breakfast and lunch options, sweet treats (vegan options included), teas and other beverages.


The cafe that labels itself ‘child-friendly’ was filled with families or mothers with kids having a nice brunch or a cuppa. Although I have to admit that this might not be the most suitable place for you if you simply can’t stand the occasional noise of kids playing and running around with plastic dinosaurs.

On the other hand, if you do have small kids, Marmalade Skies is just the place for you with its individual play rooms, child-proof wooden gates, changing table and, probably most importantly, friendly and patient staff.


I wasn’t feeling very hungry so I just had the absolutely lovely pink rose lemonade that I most definitely recommend to try. And a slice of this irresistible chocolate cake below!

Buahahahahahaha. It was all mine!

Upcoming content about my UK adventures coming soon – so stay tuned and let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!