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Milo Lounge.


I’m kinda considering the possibility of starting a new ‘series’ on this blog; called Treasures of Lark Lane! since I will do loads of posts about this bohemian street located in Liverpool, UK.


One of my favourite places for tea is Milo Lounge cafe bar right at the end of Lark Lane, near one corner of Sefton Park.


After I confessed my love for the unique tables, my companion told me that originally they used to be the floor of a sports hall in a local school. Talking about recycling!


All in all, Milo LoungeĀ  has really interesting interiors, lovely atmosphere – which is probably the main reason that the place can be absolutely full during the busiest hours.


What I love the most, is that they have a different menu for vegans and a lot of veggie options as well! In a world where getting even the basic soy milk for your latte can be a challenge sometimes, I find it almost a luxury treatment.


Milo Lounge even has a small outdoor terrace area which I didn’t know up until now! It is also a dog-friendly place; hence I can’t wait to be able to take my own furry friend to have a cup of tea (or cold water) with me…


Next on the ‘Lark Lane series’ – Gasp Vintage coming up tomorrow!



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Best Flower Plantations in Helsinki.


One thing that has continuously been delighting me whenever I’ve made my way across the centre of Helsinki to the Central Railway Station, is the excellence of the flower plantations of La Famiglia Restaurant. Just look at all the gorgeous colour combinations, heights and textures!

This whole rant may sound a bit silly, but seriously, as a highly visual person (and as someone who has been working in gardening) I argue that details such as flowers are a key ingredient to the successfulness of a business. Who would want to enter into a restaurant with last-years plants dried out in the spring sun? It kinda gives you the first impression of how good your staff is willing to serve your appetite and thirst.


After I approached La Famiglia about my admiration for their flower pots, the restaurant kindly enough offered me to stay for a fresh cup of coffee! Unfortunately for me, I had to enjoy my coffee black (as my soul…) since they didn’t have any plant milk in their selection. However, I checked the menu and they actually do have a couple of vegan options in their list.



There is nothing like a fresh cup of joe – even on a hot early summer day!


The famous Finnish clothing brand Marimekko is located in the other corner. I believe I guided a friendly American couple to the same store the other day when I was walking home from university.


The restaurant is located on the opposite side of Stockmann Helsinki where street musicians often come to play for a small tip in the jar! If you get lucky (and often times even in the winter you do), you may enjoy a delicious drink and/or meal in the terrace area and enjoy excellent music being played right next to you for free! Although I’d suggest giving a small donation to the artist, anyway…


For a local in a hurry, an employee on a coffee break or a tourist spending a lovely summer day in Helsinki, I’d highly advise you to try our the terrace of La Famiglia Helsinki!