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Halloween Tea at Pink Lemon.

Okay, it’s unfortunately time for all of us to admit that the October’s Halloween season is over and it’s time to start looking forward to the nightmare before the Christmas holidays. Or do you guys already have your star shaped bracelets and jumpers ready for the New Year’s Eve like I do?


Luckily there’s always memories to recall and inspiration (especially in the form of pictures) to share!

Caramel-flavoured pie with pecans and buckthorn berry panna cotta.

On Halloween Friday 2018 me with a friend of mine went to a small local confectionery in Lohja, Finland, called Pink Lemon.

Rye bread with faux-fish topping and cucumber club sandwich.

They offered a Halloween themed evening tea menu with cakes, pastries and club sandwiches. Vegan and gluten-free options were also available though the owner told us that actually approximately half of the menu was vegan for everyone anyway!

Vegan marshmallow and macaron.

If you’re living in Southern Finland and looking for a place where to order gluten-free/raw/vegan cakes, I’d definitely recommend Pink Lemon! My English-speaking readers can check their Instagram page filled with the most spectacular creations I’ve ever been able to see in person!


I am ending this post with a pic of the witchiest chocolate cake and a promise of more content coming up soon…