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Shopping in Kos.


Unsurprisingly, but nevertheless quite charmingly, the whole island of Kos was filled with products made from olive tree and its fruits; soaps, flavoured oils, cups, cutlery, honey dippers, candle holders etc.


The first shop that caught my eye in Tigaki was The Olive Market that offers a wide selection of ‘traditional and natural products’ made in Greece. The beautiful and authentic feeling with the friendly service kept me coming back to this shop until the very last day! The family who runs this shop is clearly not in the business just for the money: the additional gifts and off-the-counter toasts indicate that they are providing customer service in its truest, whole-hearted meaning. I would highly recommend this place – even if you only have one day to visit Tigaki.


Many of the small touristic shops as well as the mini markets had their fair share of the more generic souvenirs; such as the phallic-shaped bottle openers and key rings.

And before anyone asks, yes, I also got a couple of those. What can I say, I have a lot of gay friends in Finland…


Tigaki had also some smaller boutiques with the kind of witchy hippie vibe that I personally am really into. All kinds of small jewellery and wind chimes were really popular products in this shop!


The main touristic beach boulevard in the centre of Kos town was filled with vendors offering a wide selection of bohemian beach-appropriate jewellery.


You could also easily get a realistic or caricature portrait of yourself, your dog or a family member drawn from a picture or live model.


One of the most inspiring and unique shops I stumbled upon was The Imaginarium. I have to admit first going in to pet the cute dog that accompanied the artist, Ioannis Kamateros, but soon realized how amazing all the arts and crafts there were. I must have looked like another tourist nutter who just randomly bumped in to say hello to his dog!

You can easily find the place located in the alley behind the Tree of Hippocrates which is in the Platía Platanou (‘Square of the Platane’). The place is pretty easily recognizable by the beautiful snail sculpture on the outside wall. And if you get thirsty in the heat of Greece, there is a small restaurant located right next to The Imaginarium.