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Doris & Duke – Vintage and Modern.


One of my most passionate dreams for the longest time has been to visit Doris & Duke – Vintage and Modern shop in Old Town Porvoo.


Unfortunately for me, I have always either been too busy to visit the location or the shop has simply been closed at the time.


This time though, I was determined and opportunist enough to check the opening hours in advance. Hooray internet and social media!


The shop is divided into two parts according to the origins of the pieces: if they are modern reproductions or actual vintage items (not that there’s anything bad in either of them – they’re all lovely as seen from the pics).


I would definitely recommend visiting Doris & Duke for those who are especially interested in pin up fashion. Just look at those fluffy petticoats hanging out of the fitting room ceiling!

Gorgeous fitting room table!

Of course I couldn’t get away without finding something to try on. I actually ended up buying this vintage dress (above) from the 1970’s. The price, 20 euros, wasn’t bad for a student budget, either.


The vintage side is behind the counter.

You know I had to.

Doris & Duke isn’t just about clothing since there is literally heaps of accessories and jewellery from which to choose.


The prices of the vintage items may vary a bit but overall I’d say that none of the stuff is at least badly over-priced.


This side of the shop is dedicated for the colourful retro items.


For some reason I just found the black sing to be highly amusing to me. Though I should probably get the silver one for the university seminar…


Even though I personally feel that the vintage side of Doris & Duke is meant more for me, I still know a couple of friends who would absolute love all of the reproductions.


Urho K. Kekkonen (replica above) is still one of the most well-known presidents of Finland.

Without starting an unnecessary political rant, I just want to point out that it is really funny to print a black-and-white picture of a respected old male figure with his own words ‘saatanan tunarit’ (something like ‘fucking morons’) into the parking indicator we use in Finland to tell when we have parked our vehicle. And yes, people move around the meters if the allowed parking time is running out. I think it must be a pretty very universal phenomenon to try to avoid a ticket. With this indicator I don’t think it would even be a proper chore.



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Old School Toys in Porvoo.


Today I’m about to introduce you to one of the gems in Porvoo Old Town: toy shop Riimikko (in the Finnish language the word ‘riimi‘ means rhyme and that’s what I interpret the title to resonate).


The shop is located in Välikatu, near my favourite cafe Helmi and the well-known Brunberg factory shop.


Even though the prices are kinda high (understandable for an artisan shop), it’s always completely free to step in and wonder…


Toy shop ‘Riimikko’ has several smaller rooms (as many of the old buildings do) filled with treasured details that surely will fascinate children of all ages. Including me.


I just wish I could live here and get to use the stairs into the mysterious-looking rustic balcony! I also absolutely love the retro posters.


The simple-looking old door will lead you to a nostalgic trip back to your childhood – or provide an adventure for the younger generations.




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Vintage on Bold Street.



I was actually heading to another vintage place on Bold Steer, Pop Boutique, when I randomly (out of curiosity for the quirky beautiful display window) popped my head into Cow.


And what an oasis of good-quality vintage shopping did it turn out to be!


Even though I happened to find the best stuff from upstairs…


…the downstairs was also filled with racks full of cool-looking clothing.


The fitting rooms are also located downstairs so you kinda can’t avoid digging into the collection. Which is a bad thing only if you’re in a rush!


I absolutely love the design of the whole store though I have to admit that the fitting room doors may be a little bit confusing. On the positive side, the lighting is good and there is definitely enough room to place everything until you’re ready.


Pop Boutique Liverpool


The second shop in this post is my absolute favourite vintage place called Pop Boutique.


After visiting the place they have in Manchester, I realized how much better (and affordable) the vintage scene in UK really is. Compared to Helsinki, I mean.


Okay, I understand that sometimes you just have to get new sports bra or tights from Primark or H&M – and that’s completely fine as long as you understand the effect ‘fast fashion’ has on nature and the workers. But honestly, when there’s places like Pop Boutique where you can find a unique piece of clothing made to last with the same amount of money that you’d spend on a normal shop, why still choose to support the nasty industry?

Resurrection Liverpool


My friend told me that he used to basically live in this shop about 10 years ago when he was a student. Unlike most of the other second-hand/vintage boutiques, Resurrection still had a student discount available.


The downstairs is full of ‘menswear’ (but you can still go there and try on some of those gorgeous grungy flannel shirts…) and the upstairs is for the ladies’ second-hand, vintage and retro reproduction clothing.



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The Old Town of Porvoo (part 2).

Continuing my Porvoo trilogy with a random collection of the cutest pics of indie-businesses located in the Old Town area (totally non-sponsored, though I wish I was).

The text pretty much says ‘The Steward Manager’s Heirs’.

Starting with some retro cars, naturally.

Jeez – just look at that pink gorgeousness. I could totally see myself honking for the tourists to step aside when I am making an important emergency cake delivery to the other side of the town.


Or the van above! Initially, as we were approaching it, I thought the van would’ve sold ice cream but now I’m not so sure no more. Anyway, isn’t it just cool in such a retro spirit?


Though the price level probably isn’t from the cheapest end, Porvoo does provide you with a variety of bed and breakfast or other hotel/motel options. Speaking from experience, I’d definitely say it’s worth the investment of getting to stay overnight in such an atmosphere! Who knows, maybe there’s even ghosts wandering around in those old rooms?

Entrance to the museum from the court yard side.

Out of all the museums I’ve personally visited in Porvoo, I’d definitely rank the doll and toy museum (that is actually more of a private collection) as number one. Even if you only have half a hour of so, you are able to see the full collection – and perhaps make even small purchases yourself!

Here’s a link to the museum’s official web page (only some parts translated in English): Porvoon nukke- ja lelumuseo


Tuulian Aitta (‘Tuulia’s Shed’), selling mostly vintage table ware, is located right next to the doll and toy museum. Definitely worth visiting as well!


Traditional type of Finnish barn painted with red ochre paint.


If you love second-hand, vintage and retro reproduction – Porvoo Old Town is your place.


Porvoo vintage cafe collective – hire me, please… Don’t you just love the shade of the old ochre buildings?


I’m pretty sure Porvoo is marked into maps (or apps) as an important design area as well – and for good reason! Personally, I’d much rather invest my money into vintage jewellery and furniture but each to their own, right? At least there is a good variety of locally produced handicraft and design products to purchase in Porvoo.

Sadly, a lot of the businesses were closed on Sunday, which is an unfortunate, but important part of the flaneur. I mean, we’re probably a bit too used to living in an overall capitalist culture based on quick, cheap and disposable consumption. If you appreciate a spontaneous adventure, then you gotta accept the fact that sometimes the coolest places just happen to be closed. Then you just have to come and visit some other time…


Even the paintings on the ordinary maintenance structures were promising for vintage and second-hand lover like me!

Loving the bench perfectly matching the orange logo!

Brace yourself for the grade finale of my Porvoo series: tomorrow in my special post I am going to introduce you to the best cafe in the Old Town of Porvoo! Vegan options included, of course – so stay tuned, my lovely rainbow soul…