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Tripping to Liverpool.

And so it is that, once again, this restless soul is soon going to be packing and leaving to see the world again.

Proper introverted traveller hobbies!

This time the travel destination will be Liverpool (via Manchester).


Although Manchester is particularly known for its brick buildings, this old brewery (above) is actually found from Liverpool.


The last time I had a morning walk in Sefton Park, it was kinda freezing… Though I honestly don’t know if I prefer it to this weather! At least it provides me with the possibility to go out camping in the Lake District that I’ve heard reminds the landscape we all Twin Peaks fans adore…


I also have some unfinished business on Lark Lane since the combined bakery-cafe AND vintage store ‘Freida Mo’s‘ opened the next weekend after I had already left. I can’t wait to get my paws on their collection and vegan treats!

This time I won’t miss it (or any other of the second-hand/vintage shops nearby). Another must is Pop Boutique located in both Manchester and Liverpool. I see only some serious shopping possibilities here!

So far away – but so close…

When this post reaches all of you guys, I hope to be already working on the new material gathered from UK!



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My Lucky Ticket to Greece.


I am so grateful and excited to be announcing that I will be travelling to the island of Kos, in no less than a month! In early July my plane will be taking off for a whole weeks vacation (which I will use wisely by practising photography and travel journalism, of course). It’ll be my first time in Greece and the Mediterranean area – so I am expecting loads of heat, delicious ripe fruit and veggies plus some good wine…


Exceptionally these pics here aren’t taken by me – but my special friend who was kind enough to support a poor student-activist by sending a lucky plane ticket and allowing her to stay in the house for a week!


If you have any tips or advice for a pale Northern European visiting Greece for the first time in the hottest time of the year, I would be more than grateful of taking your thoughts and comments into account…

Lately I’ve been keeping my eyes open when thrifting to make sure I have enough Greece-friendly clothing (meaning cool, breathing and covering) for my upcoming adventure. One thing I am still missing is a huge hat like in the pic above – but apparently I will be able to buy one after arriving…



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Green Pegs Rising!


I just wanted to make a very short (but clear) announcement: rather mysterious green pegs can be found unwrapping themselves everywhere, the leaves are starting to appear in trees and there’s no need for a thick coat in the afternoons.

I think this means that summer is FINALLY on its way!

This has also meant that my wonderer spirit has been waking after the long cold period known as winter. Today I quite spontaneously ended up in an old historic town called Porvoo, located relatively close to Helsinki. This time I took an actual camera with me to be able to provide you with some summer pics, which is exactly what I ended up putting all my effort into. In fact in that kind of quantity that the following three posts are all going to be about Porvoo. Hopefully you will be able to enjoy the scenery and picturesque small boutiques and cafes!