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Climate March in Helsinki (part 2).

I know this might be a bit obvious to say but… Welcome to the second part of the climate march post! As I mentioned in part 1, we had quite a big demonstration in Helsinki last month. I mean, 8000-10 000 people in one place a lot in the Finnish scale (in our culture we hate being in contact with others plus there’s only approximately 5,5 million of us anyway).

The Finnish parliament house, again.

Whereas in the last part I focused on giving a more general overview of the vibes, this time I want to give you more detailed glimpses on the emotions and meanings that people wanted to express on that day. So here we go!


The bicyclists’ block gathering their groups before the start of the demonstration.


A lady holding the globe in her arms tightly.


Well, the way things are going really isn’t okay. The climate and ecosystems are rapidly changing everywhere – but are we finally ready to act when it’s already too late and the consequences are overbearingly visible?


‘You fucking cannot be kidding me’. Vittu (as in ‘fuck’) is an essential part of the Finnish vocabulary and very useful in every kind of phrase we use around here.



People marching down the Mannerheiminkatu (meaning that thousands of people completely jammed the transport in the middle of the capital city for a decently long time).


‘Climate action now <3’


Loving the simple but yet straight-forward message!



On the far left: ‘System change, not climate change’. In the middle: ‘Off from the fossil fuel’ with the hashtag ‘now we must’. On the right: ‘Known for 40 years, spoken for 30 years – we must act now!’


A young child with the massive peace sign with the text ‘100% renewable’


‘I love. That’s why I won’t destroy.’


An interesting reference to the feminine ‘Mother Earth’ myth/symbolism.


‘Speeches have been held – time to act’.


‘Remember Paris’ referring to the infamous Paris Agreement in 2015.



‘Financial support for the corporates into history; taxation for the pollution (for real!)’.


Another example of the juxtaposition of femininity/motherhood and planet Earth.


Since many of the current people in power are practically useless in terms of controlling climate change, I (sadly) believe that the future of a better environment is in the hands of the young people who are taking ecological matters way more seriously than the old farts.


Demonstrators standing behind better policies for climate and the environment.


‘Is the current government the biggest safety threat for Finland?! with the hashtags ‘now we must and ‘don’t sleep’. After all, nothing will ever change if people won’t demand the proper action to be done – now.



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Photographing an Animal Rights March.

Hello guys and sorry for not posting for a while… To be honest, sometimes (academic) life, activism and even paid jobs come between blogging. However, me and my dog are doing great amongst this crazy adventure called life – and new content is on its way, I promise!

Let’s start catching up with this photo post about the worldwide Close Down All Slaughterhouses march I was documenting in Helsinki yesterday. If you’re not really that interested in animal rights, this post also provides you with a glimpse of Helsinki counterculture. Without further due – here’s the best shots from yesterday!

On the left: “Violence against animals is truly cowardly.”



Leaflet for the event: “Let’s close down all the slaughterhouses. Worldwide march in Helsinki on Saturday June 9th at 12 o’clock.”
On the left: “You can live without violence against animals. If you want to.”
On the right: “Close down the slaughterhouses. Speciesism is an unjust ideology.”




In the middle: “All animals want to live and enjoy life.”
The march approaching the centre of Helsinki. Behind you can see the Ateneum Art Museum.
The dress code for the march was red.
The march approaching the end point. In the background you can see the tower of the National Museum of Finland.
In the end there were speeches, of course.


It all comes down to standing up and saying aloud even something that feels impossible at the moment: closing down all the slaughterhouses that still contribute to the systematic and unjustified slaughter of millions of animal individuals each and every day. Compassion, animal rights, veganism – that is the future for the future generations and for the planet.

Please let me know what was the march in your home city or country! Would you like to participate or organize an event like this in the future? All comments and viewpoints will be appreciated. 🙂



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Vegan in Stockholm Old Town.

Unfortunately I didn’t have a lot of time left in the Stockholm Old Town after getting a bit lost in Södermalm. Despite of the dysfunctional schedules, I managed to document at least a few places serving vegan/vegetarian options! Next time some taste tests will be provided, I promise…


The first thing you will bump into after exiting the ‘Gamla Stan’ (meaning the Old Town in Swedish) metro tunnel is this small market place filled with fresh produce. Seriously, who could resist a piece of watermelon or a box of strawberries on a hot summer day?


Half of the trendy superfood menu of Mitt Cafe (‘My Cafe’ in Swedish) is actually vegan. Extra points for the inspiring animal-themed murals!


The “ecological bakery” called Sattva has at least a couple of gluten-free and vegan options.


Another possibility is to have lunch or early dinner at this colourful vegetarian restaurant called Hermitage, located in the same street than Sattva. See the possibilities here…?


I bet that pretty much all of the cafes had even one vegetarian option in their lists. For example Matgatan 22 (“Food street 22” in Swedish) serves a separate vegetarian and vegan menu.


And last but not least: this time the most charming window award goes to Cafe Schweizer that has been running since the year 1920! Nothing can beat that good old vintage vibe and the ghosts of the excessive coffee drinkers…



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Going to Stockholm – AND Tallinn!

Just a small update on the upcoming travelling matters: I finally have a couple of short trips planned out for this May. I previously updated you guys on the boat trip to Stockholm but now I have even something better on the way – a short day-trip to Tallinn, too!

And heck, why should all travel blogs only be about long tours of the jungles of East Asia or road tripping through the States? To be honest, at the moment (with this budget at least) I will keep my focus on the small trips and daily activities: prepping for future #vanlife (or alternatively, a zombie apocalypse) or just random fun stuff I encounter in my everyday life in Helsinki.

First day of proper warm sunshine in Helsinki this spring!

(Shameless self-promotion: IF you like to support me, I do have a Patreon account by the name Miah Rainbowmind. Link here:

Anyway, I would hereby like to announce that I am travelling to two of the capital cities of the neighbouring countries of Finland: Stockholm and Tallinn. Do you have any suggestions, ideas or requests what I should document for you, guys? I have planned to go to the old city and search for delicious vegan food and cute vintage shops but that’s about it so far. Also, I am definitely taking my better camera with me so there will be loads of good quality pictures coming up, I swear. About time I got back into training my photography…



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Vegan in Moscow (2015)

To be perfectly honest, this post should be viewed as a storytime type of description of the situation in Moscow back in 2015. But let it work as a possible baseline for comparing if I get the chance to visit my favourite city again this year. In the meanwhile, let’s enjoy the pics and good memories, shall we?


The first vegan place I ever dined in Russia, was the Fresh cafe.

Healthy was the new sexy in 2015.

You could also see the whole menu written onto the chalk board wall. The whole atmosphere of the place was definitely very young, hip and… fresh?


My friend got the portion below: a salad with tofu and sweet potato.


And my other friend got a yummy burger with onion rings!


Whereas I already ate half of my burrito before even remembering to document my portion. But I remember it definitely was good!


The other place that really made an impression, was the Djagannat diner which functions with the same logic as the other Russian stalovayas. You line up, tell/point the person measuring the portions behind the counter what you want and pay at the cashier.

This place is not completely vegan, but has a superb coding system: orange labels for lacto-ovo-vegetarian dishes and green labels for vegan ones. If you’re still confused, you may of course still ask the employees who are usually happy to help you.

After this we helped ourselves with huge pieces of raw vegan cake!

After choosing and paying for your meal, it’s time to sit down and enjoy your food! The dishes were mostly Indian-influenced (as the name and origins of the place may already suggest).

I think both of us got a cold salad of some sort; I also had a vegan bean patty and some chickpea curry with white rice. Definitely worth trying if you ever end up in Moscow!