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Kos Town.


No matter which part of the island of Kos you’re staying, there is always a cost-efficient and quick way of getting into the town centre: renting a bicycle…


…or taking the bus. One single ticket costs around two euros (and approximately three and a half from Kos town to the airport) and is usually sold by the driver or a ticket vendor who tours inside the bus. I found that it’s also accepted to be a little lost and unsure when you are looking for the right bus – the driver or locals are used to guiding you to the right direction (though the timetables are always found in English from the bus stops).


I always pictured someone quite affluent living in the building above.


The beach boulevard of Kos town.


Another easy way of seeing the town is to hop on into the city tourist train pictured above.


The harbour where you could buy tickets to a nice day-trip to one of the islands near.


The stairs above were quite a popular location to be photographed in. And no, the pretty lady above is not me.


The building (pictured better below) is called the ‘Church of Ayia Paraskevi’ belonging to the Greek Orthodox branch of Christianity.


After a quick visit to the church, you’re able to head back to the labyrinth-like Kos town via these stairs right next to it.



The centre of Kos town.


The supposed tourists above will lead us to explore the Ancient Agora on next post…



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