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Helsinki-Stockholm Cruise.

Welcome to read the first part of the ‘cruise series‘ describing my travels to the neighbouring capital cities of Finland! If you are from Finland, you are probably very familiar with the content on these blog posts. After all, I would be glad to hear from your experiences, thoughts and questions in the comments section!


As I earlier told to you guys, this week was all about travelling and creating new content for the blog. On Tuesday I left for Stockholm and spend two nights on the road (or in the sea, to be exact); and on Saturday I made a small day trip to Tallinn.

I’m not saying that taking the cruises to Stockholm and Tallinn are the most amazing or exciting things in the travelling ‘community’, but it is definitely even something! I hope that these posts will provide at least some new information especially to the ones that are not so familiar with this type of cruising concept. Also, keep in mind that I am still a student unfortunately making a lot of debt so at this moment my focus is on my studies and graduating. However, in the near future I will hopefully be on a more stable level financially so that I am able to make even longer and more in-depth trips all over the world!

But, like I said, we are still in the starting point of this blog – and hopefully something that will lead into a full career! And I am enjoying every moment learning new ways to provide you all-the-time improving photography, cultural backgrounds and maybe even vlogs and live streams soon…!


Anyway, in this first blog post in the ‘cruise series’ I will take you with me to the Helsinki-Stockholm-Helsinki cruise on the boat called ‘Silja Symphony’.


Above you can see the ‘Olympic Terminal’ building, located quite near to the Helsinki city centre. You may very easily take the trams number 2 and 3 from the Central Railway Station, for example.


After making the check-in and showing your ticket at the gates, you will simply walk through these long (and usually hot) glass tunnels into the ship.


The lobbies next to the elevators in each floor look like this. Be careful to choose the right elevator, though, since these cruise ships are big – thus having like 12 different lifts. Luckily the staff waiting for you at the front doors are glad to help you to find the right direction, and you can always ask from the info desk if you get lost later on during the night.


This was my cabin located at the promenade. To be honest, this is the first time in my life when I have a cabin all of my own that is in such a good spot; windows facing the indoor promenade.


I could very easily just chill by sitting in the window sill and enjoying the acrobatics show right through the window without even leaving my cabin! Though I do highly recommend you to do that, at least in some point…


The cruise ships have all kinds of cafes, restaurants and night clubs from which to choose from. There is definitely going to be entertainment for everyone from little kids to seniors. The price range is not from the cheapest end (after all, it’s a boat) but at least you get value for your money.

This Hungarian trio called ‘Azura’ was honestly so good!

Trio Azura on Facebook (come on, help the guys out and leave a like, will you?).

In the first night I luckily got stuck listening to lovely piano music with what I’d describe to be probably the oldest generation of passengers on board. What can I say – story of my life? I just click better with older souls?

This was another cruise ship of the boat company ‘Silja Line’.

The cruise ship will sail to Stockholm (via the small island of Mariehamn) throughout the night and arrive in the morning around 9 am.


Overall I was very happy with my travelling experience due to the magnificent weather, lovely music and assertive staff on board. In general, I think that these cruises to Stockholm are a little bit neater (if you know what I say) than the ones to Tallinn. Even though some of these cruises from Helsinki to the nearby cities may have a bad reputation (for obvious reasons), this one definitely suits for families and in general for people who are not in it for the massive loud parties.




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