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Oatmeal in a wok pan.

You ever had those mornings when you haven’t really been cleaning up the place in ages (due to working hard on The Computer, of course…) but FINALLY you are forced to face the chaos in your life – and in the kitchen, mostly. After making my oatmeal in a wok pan, I realized that there is no way around it: I have to steal some time from writing and tidy the place up. Anyway, this is the story of the time when my wok pan met the oats…

From left to right (and then from top to down): oats, almonds, cinnamon, ginger and coconut sugar.

OATMEAL (or porridge, as you say in the UK) RECIPE FOR WOK PAN:

brown or coconut sugar

pinch of salt

dried cinnamon (the ceylon one is apparently healthier on long-term)

dried ginger

almonds, nuts or seeds of some sort

(coconut) oil


water and/or plant milk

berries/fruit/coconut on top

Okay, so this is very simple (why would I out of all people come up it with if it wasn’t?). Take your wok pan and fry the dry spices and nut components in the oil. Be careful not to burn them, though! Then add some (pre-boiled) water or milk which you bring to a boil and then mix with the oats.  Let it simmer for a while. When the oatmeal is ready, top it with berries, fruit, coconut flakes etc. This recipe could be very easily transformed into pancakes for example, but that is a completely other story.

It was actually pretty good.

And finally, remember that the one that kindly tweets this to Gordon Ramsay, gets a special giveaway present!



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